Rates & Requirements

Vaccine Requirements below


Open 7 AM to 7 PM – 7 Days a week (with exception of 7 holidays*)

No reservation or “half day/whole day” is required for your dog(s) to participate in Daycare. Just the time that you need for your dog(s) to release some energy and have some supervised fun.**

Pay as you play rate

Prepaid Daycare Packages
(May not be combined w/ any other discounts or to boarding daycare)

$3.75 per hour

Active Military & Seniors Discount $3.38 per hour

The “High Roller”

50 Hours

That’s a 6% discount for a savings of $11.50

The “Double Trouble”

100 Hours

That’s a 12% discount for a savings of $45.00

The “Trio”

150 Hours

That’s a 18% discount for a savings of $101.00



Open 7 AM to 7 PM – 7 Days a week (with exception of 7 holidays*)

Boarding is charged per dog. Drop-off and pick-up is allowed anytime during business hours.**

Charges begin at check-in and continue until time of pick-up.

$ 30.00 flat fee minimum for the first 24 hours
$ 1.25 per hour after minimum
(Boarding includes reserving the run space, feeding, and administering medications)

Active duty military, seniors, and 15+ day stays receive a 10% discount. ID required. Long term stays, please call for quote.


Additional services offered to our boarders include:

Group Daycare (supervised play w/ other dogs)     $ 3.15 per hour    1 to 6 hours per day

Individual Session (private session w/ staff)        $ 5.00 per session    1 to 2 sessions per day

Bath (includes nail trim, ear cleaning, bath, & 10 min. brush out, upgrade available)  Ask for quote at check in

Grooming services are available by appointment for boarders

Like a hotel, clients are welcome to take their dogs out during the day for activities. To do so, a credit card must be put on file with the front desk and dogs must return before close of business.


**Late Pick-up Fee – Clients that arrive after hours, between 7 PM-7:15 PM, will be charged a “Late Pickup Fee” of $30.00. Clients must contact the facility via phone prior to 7 PM to arrange a late pick-up. Dogs that remain after closing will be extended another night/be placed in boarding, and boarding charges will be applied. After 7:15 PM, dogs will not be accepted or released until opening of the next business day .




Kennel Bathing Services

Bath prices are based on the size, length and condition of dog’s coat, as well as the temperament of your pet during the bath. Owners may provide shampoo if necessary.

Bath        $20 to $55 (includes nail trim, ear cleaning, bath, & 10 min. brush out)

Nail Dremeling $5.00 (w/ bathing service)

Spa-paw upgrade    $ 10.00  (includes choice of shampoo, coat conditioner, teeth brushing, matching cologne spray)

Stand-Alone Services

Nail Dremeling $15.00 (as stand-alone service)

Tender Touch    $ 10.00 (includes nail trim, paw balm, and paw massage)

Nail Trimming     $ 10.00

Teeth Brushing    $ 5.00

*** If any dog is found to have fleas, the dog will be bathed and charged accordingly for a flea bath ***




We offer a free consultation with our groomers for any new client to come in and discuss your dog’s needs and styles. An accurate quote may be given at that time.

We may give an estimated price quote over the phone, but please understand that without seeing your pet it is only an estimate.

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Before your pet attends Pups Play & Stay for any of our services we must verify your pet has all their current vaccinations.

We require the following vaccinations/monthly prevention.

  • Rabies (1 year or 3 year)
  • DHPP (1 year or 3 year) or annual titers
  • Bordetella (yearly) or annual titers
  • Negative Fecal Exam (yearly or as needed if an issue arises)
  • Monthly flea and tick prevention

We recommend the following vaccinations/monthly prevention.

  • Leptospirosis (yearly)
  • Monthly Heartworm prevention
  • Canine Influenza (yearly)

It is strongly recommended that you bring with you a printed copy of your pet’s current vaccinations on your vet’s letterhead. However, vaccination records can be provided in each of the following ways:

  • You can call your vet and have them fax or email us a copy of your pet’s records.
  • You can fax or email us a copy of your pet’s vaccination records printed on your vet’s letterhead.
  • We can attempt to call your pet’s vet and acquire vaccination records for your pet verbally, with confirmation by fax.

Please contact Pups 48 hrs prior to visit to confirm that we have received your vaccines.

Fax: 910.686.2232 – Email: pupsplayandstay@charter.net